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Fireproof Mattress with Pocket Springs and Memory Foam MyMemory H24

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  • The “H24” model is a fire-retardant pocket spring mattress
  • It has a thickness of 24 cm
  • Equipped with 400 springs (800 in double size)
  • 5 cm thick memory foam surface layer
  • It is able to withstand high temperatures
  • Covered in fireproof fabric
  • Comfortable and wear-resistant
  • Breathable, antistatic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite
  • The number of springs shown refers to the standard double size 160×190
  • It has the “CE” marking and the materials are certified
  • Completely made in Italy
  • Guarantee period 20 years
Medical device
Medical device
Memory Foam
Memory Foam
CE Marking
CE Marking
Made in Italy
Made in Italy


Fireproof mattress H24

Only products that have passed all the required tests can be declared completely fireproof. The part with pocket springs is about 21 cm high, the 400 (800 in the double size) springs are in steel enriched with carbon phosphate, resistant to wear and stress. The upper layer is made up of 5 cm of memory foam, able to shape itself according to body temperature. The flame retardant padding is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite, with a thickness of 2 centimeters. The total height of the mattress is 24 centimeters.

Flame retardant coating

In order for the mattress to be absolutely fireproof, the covering and padding must also be structured for this purpose. The padding is made of completely flame retardant wadding with a density of 350 g per square meter, while the covering is in flame retardant “Strato” fabric with an embroidered perimeter band, as well as a band in breathable 3D fabric that allows the exchange of air. The fabric covering, in addition to being hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antistatic, is also breathable. All the materials used therefore comply with the ministerial norm and do not present any danger neither for health nor for the environment, being environmentally friendly.

Additional information

Expert Rating


Tipologia prodotto

fireproof – Box + Biconical springs

Firmness (Rigidity level)



20 anni – vedi condizioni di vendita per dettagli approfonditi

Total Mattress height


Memory height


Number of Springs

Single 400 – Double 800

Padding height


Padding Type

Flame retardant wadding 350 gr / m2

Outside Cover

Fireproof layer fabric with perimeter band embroidered with 2 fabric handles

Nota: Il disegno e la colorazione della lastra interna e il disegno della trapuntatura potrebbero variare da quanto in immagine. Le caratteristiche del materasso restano invariate.

Anatomical Si
Anti-mite Si
Hypoallergenic Si
Breathable Si
CE marked Si
Harmful Substances Test Si
Made in Italy Si

Additional information

Muscular contracture




Articolar pains


Slipped disc


Cervical hernia








Back Pain




Allergies to mites and dust





The materials with which our Memory Foam mattresses are produced comply with the essential safety requirements of the EC Directives. This is to guarantee our customers that all materials and processes are 100% made in Italy and comply with UNI-EN safety, hygiene and health regulations.

All the materials used for the realization of our mattresses (the internal foam sheets, the memory layer, the wadding used for the padding and the external fabrics) are certified. Total absence of harmful and harmful substances for your health inside the product.

The materials used correspond to the standards of international safety standards and do not present any danger to human health and the environment.



Based on our thirty years of experience and research carried out in collaboration with doctors, important universities and authoritative research centers, we have created MyMemory.
MyMemory is an innovative material, composed of open cell polymers that guarantee a high level of breathability avoiding humidity problems and ensuring a dry and healthy rest.

MyMemory is thermo-regulator: it self-models itself according to the temperature and for this reason it follows every curve of the body anatomically and ergonomically thanks to the heat it releases. This particular material guarantees an ideal temperature for the entire duration of sleep: it ensures a cool and dry rest in summer and warm in winter.
It is also able to naturally support the body during rest, evenly distributing the pressures exerted on the relaxed body, promoting the normal flow of blood circulation and decreasing the movements made during sleep to find the right position.

MyMemory is made in Italy with 100% Italian and completely natural materials that make it ecological, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

MyMemory is a material that avoids the proliferation of micro-organisms that can be harmful to our health. Over time, moreover, sleeping on a MyMemory mattress decreases the development of allergies. The level of breathability is high thanks to the open cells and therefore an environment hostile to the proliferation of mites and dust is created.

Initially, memory foam was made by NASA researchers to give maximum comfort to their astronauts and therefore used for the seats of the spacecraft; however today, given its merits, its use has been expanded to provide the same comfort in everyday life: it guarantees extraordinary support whatever the weight and position of the body, thanks to the ability to follow it in every movement.

15 reviews for Fireproof Mattress with Pocket Springs and Memory Foam MyMemory H24

  1. Lily

    It rests really well on this fireproof mattress, takes the shape of the body but at the same time supports, the right stiffness does not sink. Quality materials at an advantageous price!

  2. Mark

    The mattress corresponds to the description, once it is fully inflated it reaches its height of 24cm. Medium stiffness, moreover the coating is hypoallergenic and anti-mite, a safe and quality mattress

  3. Andrea

    This mattress has exceeded my expectations, it comes vacuum packed, easy to carry thanks to the handles on the sides. I have been sleeping there for a few weeks and I can feel satisfied, never slept so well!

  4. David

    I bought this fireproof mattress for the house in the mountains, once opened it begins to take its original shape, I confirm 24cm high. Coverage well finished and cared for, recommended!

  5. Sarah

    I contacted the company to place a large order of fireproof mattresses for my hotel, very kind and helpful. Order arrived in a few weeks, my customers are also satisfied. You sleep very well and above all safe! I will come back in the future

  6. Victoria

    Mattress as per description and photo, it supports my body to the maximum, the memory takes the shape of the body, I would not want to get up in the morning!

  7. Lauren

    5 stars deserved for this mattress but also for the company. The mattress is made in Italy, well made and very comfortable. Reliable company and excellent value for money

  8. Robert

    A good fireproof mattress supports the body and in the morning I no longer have back and neck pain. Well finished and cared for in every detail, hypoallergenic and made in Italy! Top!

  9. Kate

    I was undecided whether to buy my new mattress online without trying it but given the positive reviews I decided to trust and buy this mattress for my new home. I’ve been using it for months now and I can simply say it’s great!

  10. Oliver

    I sleep well and the mattress is cheap. Punctual delivery, space-saving packaging, easy and light to carry. Excellent value for money

  11. William

    I bought several fireproof mattresses for my b & b and I am very satisfied. They are quality mattresses, safe and above all they are certified! I couldn’t ask for better, very professional company

  12. Emma

    Excellent mattress, it comes rolled up under vacuum, the cover is well taken care of, you sleep really well and in the morning I get up without pain, I recommend it!

  13. Julia

    I am super satisfied with my purchase, which arrived on time. The upper layer in memory wraps the body while the springs support perfectly, the right mix! Excellent!!

  14. Nick

    Safe, comfortable and quality fireproof mattress. Unbeatable price! I have been using it for a year and it is like new, it does not deform and supports the best

  15. Susan

    Great fire retardant mattress, matches the description, very high quality, great price

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