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Memory Foam Mymemory Mattress “Confort” with 7 different areas and Anti-stress Copper Fiber

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  • The Confort Origine model with anti-stress copper fiber is an anatomical supportive memory mattress with 7 differentiated zones
  • It has 3 different layers, the memory layer has a multionda profile, the thickness ranges from 3 to 8 cm, the total thickness is 25 cm
  • It is able to perfectly regulate itself thanks to the open cellular structure of the memory foam layer
  • Internal covering is made of Anti-stress Copper fiber fabric
  • Covered in removable technical fabric and machine washable up to 60 °
  • It molds perfectly according to body heat
  • Thanks to the very high level of breathability, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite
  • It has the “CE” marking and the materials are certified
  • Completely made in Italy
  • Guarantee period 20 years
Medical device
Medical device
Memory Foam
Memory Foam
Removable cover
Removable cover
CE Marking
CE Marking
Made in Italy
Made in Italy


The quality made mattress
The line of Confort Origine mattresses with Anti-stress Copper Fiber is entirely made in Italy, with a memory foam layer, which is pleasantly shaped with body heat, giving a soft and welcoming feeling. Each mattress is composed of 3 layers and has an internal structure with 7 differentiated zones, to allow you not to give up the correct support, without affecting comfort; made by paying attention to every detail, with good quality materials, for those looking for a mattress capable of giving absolutely comfortable rests.

A mattress designed for comfort
This model consists of 3 different layers, divided into 7 different areas, each with a specific function: the surface layer is in mymemory with a density of 55 kg / m3, to give a micro-massaging effect ensuring intense well-being; the central layer is of the latest generation foam, composed of a mixture of polymers developed and produced thanks to natural substances; the third layer is in a special material made of water-based, to provide adequate support.
The combination of these three layers allows the body to have a correct positioning of the spine and therefore a correct posture, without detracting from comfort.
The mattress is therefore self-adapting, elastic and soft, giving a comfortable rest, but at the same time beneficial and healthy.
The open cell polyurethane structure allows for proper ventilation of the mattress, with continuous air exchange, to keep the temperature constant; it is also anti-mite, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The life we ​​lead is made of frenetic and stressful rhythms and often lead us to put our health in the background. Every day we are constantly immersed in the electromagnetic fields that alter the frequencies of the cells of our body causing an imbalance. Over time, serious diseases can arise.
Copper can also be used effectively as a shield for electromagnetic fields and as a protection against electrostatic charges.


Additional information

Expert Rating


Product type

Memory Foam


7 different areas

Firmness (Rigidity level)



20 years – see conditions of sale for in-depth details

Total Mattress height


Memory height

min. 3cm / max. 8cm ca.

Memory Type


Medfoam height


Medfoam Type


Padding height

2,5cm, 2cm

Padding Type

100% hypoallergenic

Outside Cover

Highly breathable technical fabric

Cover inner side

Jersey di cotone elasticizzato sfoderabile

Note: The design and coloring of the internal sheet and the design of the quilting may vary from what is shown in the image. The characteristics of the mattress remain unchanged.

Anatomical Si
Anti-mite Si
Hypoallergenic Si
Breathable Si
Removable Si
Washable Si
CE marked Si
Harmful Substances Test Si
Made in Italy Si

Additional information

Muscular contracture




Articolar pains


Slipped disc


Cervical hernia








Back Pain




Allergies to mites and dust





The materials with which our Memory Foam mattresses are produced comply with the essential safety requirements of the EC Directives. This is to guarantee our customers that all materials and processes are 100% made in Italy and comply with UNI-EN safety, hygiene and health regulations.

All the materials used for the realization of our mattresses (the internal foam sheets, the memory layer, the wadding used for the padding and the external fabrics) are certified. Total absence of harmful and harmful substances for your health inside the product.

The materials used correspond to the standards of international safety standards and do not present any danger to human health and the environment.



Based on our thirty years of experience and research carried out in collaboration with doctors, important universities and authoritative research centers, we have created MyMemory.
MyMemory is an innovative material, composed of open cell polymers that guarantee a high level of breathability avoiding humidity problems and ensuring a dry and healthy rest.

MyMemory is thermo-regulator: it self-models itself according to the temperature and for this reason it follows every curve of the body anatomically and ergonomically thanks to the heat it releases. This particular material guarantees an ideal temperature for the entire duration of sleep: it ensures a cool and dry rest in summer and warm in winter.
It is also able to naturally support the body during rest, evenly distributing the pressures exerted on the relaxed body, promoting the normal flow of blood circulation and decreasing the movements made during sleep to find the right position.

MyMemory is made in Italy with 100% Italian and completely natural materials that make it ecological, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

MyMemory is a material that avoids the proliferation of micro-organisms that can be harmful to our health. Over time, moreover, sleeping on a MyMemory mattress decreases the development of allergies. The level of breathability is high thanks to the open cells and therefore an environment hostile to the proliferation of mites and dust is created.

Initially, memory foam was made by NASA researchers to give maximum comfort to their astronauts and therefore used for the seats of the spacecraft; however today, given its merits, its use has been expanded to provide the same comfort in everyday life: it guarantees extraordinary support whatever the weight and position of the body, thanks to the ability to follow it in every movement.

30 reviews for Memory Foam Mymemory Mattress “Confort” with 7 different areas and Anti-stress Copper Fiber

  1. Gianluca

    Venivo dall’esperienza del lattice 100% ed ero alquanto preoccupato per questa prima esperienza del Memory. Ad oggi, dopo diversi mesi di utilizzo, posso dire tranquillamente che ho fatto un ottimo acquisto. Il materasso è molto comodo e veramente segue la linea del corpo fasciandolo nei punti chiave come la schiena. Ho comprato due formati 140×200 e 160×200 e mi sono trovato benissimo tanto da consigliarlo ad altri. Poi, finalmente mia moglie li può “gestire” facilmente perché leggeri e non come il lattice 100% che avevo prima: ci voleva la gru per girarli!

  2. Nicole

    Mattress beyond expectations. I bought this mattress for my mother and she was thrilled with the quality of the product for the price paid. The mattress is extremely comfortable and comfortable

  3. Paul

    I recommend buying. Perfect packaging, respect for delivery times. Good product matching the seller’s description. Excellent value for money

  4. Emma

    excellent product. Arrived on schedule and well packed. It supports the body perfectly and at the same time the memory foam envelops the body. I wake up more rested

  5. David

    Contacted assistance for info, they were very kind. Memory foam mattress arrived on the scheduled day and with good packaging. It is quite soft and follows the curves of the body well so it rests well

  6. Andrea

    I bought this carbon fiber memory foam mattress and it is really great as the seller, very helpful, fast shipping.

  7. Richard

    I recently received the mattress and slept on it right away. I am fully satisfied with the purchase. the price quality is excellent. I highly recommend it. Serious company.

  8. Bradley

    Advised!. I ordered 2 single mattresses and they arrived vacuum packed in great packaging. You sleep really well, it seems to be on a cloud that adapts to your body, you are welcomed by the softness of the memory

  9. Simon

    After ten days I can say that they are really good, you relax on the soft layer of memory and it seems to be on a cloud
    but, at the same time, the lower layers provide excellent hold and support for the body

  10. David

    Excellent mattress! Punctual delivery with vacuum packaging that allows us to position it in a practical way, it didn’t take much for it to return to its original size. We’ve been using it for 4 months and we get up rested and pain-free, despite being cheap: excellent value for money!

  11. Selena

    Gorgeous mattress. I waited a few days before writing the review and I must say that the mattress highly reflects all the expectations I had placed in him !! Very comfortable you wake up in the morning rested and really excellent materials !!

  12. Oliver

    Very serious Italian company, mattress shipped immediately and arrived in excellent condition !! Highly recommended I couldn’t find a better mattress with a really competitive price !! Compliments

  13. Perrie

    It is a really great mattress that conforms to the description.
    I recommend it to all those who want to get up really rested in the morning and without the back pain that poorly made mattresses cause.

  14. Lauren

    To buy. I recommend purchasing the product, excellent quality / price ratio.
    It is the first time that I have bought a memory, and I must say that this product has proved to exceed expectations.
    Moreover, a really serious and reliable company.

  15. Josh

    Excellent memory mattress. Remarkable the difference from the old mattress. I sleep well, I am happy and surprised by the expense incurred … … I paid a small amount and I sleep better. For the well-being it gives me I would recommend it.

  16. Mark

    100% quality. The mattress is perfect !! A unique softness .. the sellers a really helpful and very kind company! I recommend it 100% !!

  17. Alice

    Fantastico materasso di altissima qualità, ho notato i benefici già dalla prima notte, sono molto più riposata e i dolori alla schiena sono passati! Lo consiglio

  18. Andrea P.

    Ottimo materasso in memory foam, avvolge il corpo e sostiene bene la schiena, non scalda ed è traspirante, sono soddisfatto

  19. Clara E.

    Lo consiglio assolutamente! Mai dormito così bene, questo materasso corrisponde alla descrizione, sostiene bene il corpo e il memory è morbido al tatto, facile da sfoderare, ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo

  20. Paola

    Dopo 15 anni mi sono finalmente decisa a cambiare il materasso perché ormai il mio non sosteneva più e mi causava forti dolori. Questo modello ha migliorato la mia vita! Comodo, medio rigido e traspirante

  21. Giulia N.

    Super confortevole, sia io che mio marito dormiamo benissimo, non ha difetti, spedizione veloce e assistenza clienti disponibile e gentilissimi! Azienda consigliata!

  22. Claudia

    Spedizione puntuale, materasso arrivato arrotolato sottovuoto, occupa poco spazio e in poche ore raggiunge la sua forma, altezza perfetta, medio rigido ottimo per sostenere bene il corpo e donare una sensazione di morbidezza allo stesso tempo

  23. Ruggero P.

    Servizio pre e post vendita ottimo, sempre presenti e disponibili a rispondere ad eventuali domande, il materasso corrisponde alla descrizione, tutto perfetto, consiglio l’acquisto

  24. Giorgio

    Questo materasso merita tutte e 5 le stelle, super comodo, il corpo è ben sostenuto e il memory foam è di qualità, anche il rivestimento ben curato e facile da sfoderare e lavare, spedizione veloce, buon prezzo.

  25. Linda

    Molto comodo, fresco e non troppo rigido, il memory non scalda e si modella seguendo le forme del corpo per poi tornare alla sua forma originale. Misure perfette, spedizione in pochi giorni, consiglio

  26. Roberta S.

    Sono rimasta colpita dalla comodità ma soprattutto dalla qualità dei materiali utilizzati, il materasso è davvero ottimo e non ha nulla da invidiare a materassi più famosi che trovi nei negozi classici. Inoltre è molto comodo il servizio di spedizione, in pochi giorni arriva direttamente a casa! Sono soddisfatta e consiglio a tutti

  27. Lucia

    Ho già acquistato in precedenza dei materassi da questa azienda e sono rimasta soddisfatta perché durano nel tempo e inoltre ottimo il rapporto qualità prezzo. Questo modello è medio rigido ma molto confortevole

  28. Anna R.

    Azienda affidabile! Sono molto professionali e mi hanno consigliato questo modello per i miei problemi alla schiena e inoltre lo volevo sfoderabile, sono molto soddisfatta

  29. Mauro A.

    Siamo molto soddisfatti dell’acquisto, corrisponde alla descrizione e alle immagini, misure come richieste, pagamento a rate molto comodo e spedizione velocissima, tutto ottimo

  30. Nicola P.

    Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo, materasso molto comodo, medio rigido ottimo per i miei gusti, rivestimento di qualità e sfoderabile, ve lo cosniglio

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