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Memory Foam Mymemory Mattress “Silk” 6cm with Silk and Bioceramics FIR

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  • The Silk Bioceramic model is a medium supportive memory mattress with removable cover
  • It has a 6 cm “MyMemory” memory plate, total thickness of approx. 21 cm.
  • It is able to thermoregulate itself thanks to the open cellular structure of the memory foam
  • It is modeled according to body heat
  • The external covering is entirely made of silk
  • It has a high level of breathability, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite
  • It has the “CE” marking and the materials are certified
  • Completely made in Italy
  • 20-year guarantee
Medical device
Medical device
Memory Foam
Memory Foam
CE Marking
CE Marking
Made in Italy
Made in Italy


Silk and Bioceramics for a regenerating rest
This mattress is characterized by the feeling of protection and softness that it is able to give to your body, thanks to the combination of the surface memory foam layer and the silk covering. The mattresses of this line have a structure with 11 differentiated zones, therefore they are able to give the correct support to every part of our body, ensuring a beneficial rest in every situation. Recommended by experts for those looking for a multipurpose product, capable of giving, in addition to comfort and support to our body, a healthy rest in a wide variety of situations.

Sleep wrapped in silk
This anatomic mattress is characterized by the feeling of protection and softness that it is able to give to your body, despite its not exceptional thickness, 21 centimeters. Thanks to the 6 cm thick “MyMemory” memory foam layer. The lower layer is 12 cm water foam, to give the necessary support, the padding is 3 cm thick and completely hypoallergenic.

But the absolute peculiarity is the external covering of this mattress, made of 100% silk, a refined material capable of giving our rest a superlative quality level. This model also has an internal Bioceramic coating: it is a polyester fiber bonded with BIO-CERAMIC crystals and offers total protection against environmental changes and their consequences on health. On the one hand it performs a shielding function of the harmful UVA and UVB rays (which can cause irritation, burns and melanomas), on the other it absorbs the heat of the body and returns it in the form of beneficial FIR rays (FAR INFRARED RAYS, also called “rays of life”), which penetrate the subcutaneous layers and stimulate the micro-circulatory system.

It is therefore a highly technological fiber that guarantees the body the protection it needs; that’s why our mattress fabrics produced with this fiber ensure freshness and comfort for the body, as Bio Cermaic technology allows to lower the temperature of the internal surface of the fabric. In fact, clinical tests have shown that Bio Ceramic performs a beneficial action on the micro circulatory system, constantly strengthening the metabolism of our body.

From a hygiene point of view, the Silk Bioceramic Removable mattress is able to raise every standard, in fact the care with which it is produced and the materials used make it, in addition to being absolutely hypoallergenic, also anti-mite and antibacterial. In practice, the mattresses in this line can give the sensation of an absolutely restful and comfortable sleep, both as regards posture and for the well-being it is able to transmit.


Additional information

Expert Rating


Product type

Memory Foam


7 different areas

Firmness (Rigidity level)



20 years – see conditions of sale for in-depth details

Total Mattress height


Memory height


Medfoam height


Medfoam Type


Padding height


Padding Type

100% hypoallergenic

Outside Cover

100% hypoallergenic in SILK, easily removable with zipper on 4 sides and machine washable

Cover inner side

stretch, hypoallergenic and breathable Fabric with anti-mite and anti-mold treatment

Note: The design and coloring of the internal plate and the quilting design may vary from what is shown in the image. The characteristics of the mattress remain unchanged.

Anatomical Si
Anti-mite Si
Hypoallergenic Si
Breathable Si
CE marked Si
Harmful Substances Test Si
Made in Italy Si

Additional information

Muscular contracture




Articolar pains


Slipped disc


Cervical hernia








Back Pain




Allergies to mites and dust





The materials with which our Memory Foam mattresses are produced comply with the essential safety requirements of the EC Directives. This is to guarantee our customers that all materials and processes are 100% made in Italy and comply with UNI-EN safety, hygiene and health regulations.

All the materials used for the realization of our mattresses (the internal foam sheets, the memory layer, the wadding used for the padding and the external fabrics) are certified. Total absence of harmful and harmful substances for your health inside the product.

The materials used correspond to the standards of international safety standards and do not present any danger to human health and the environment.



Based on our thirty years of experience and research carried out in collaboration with doctors, important universities and authoritative research centers, we have created MyMemory.
MyMemory is an innovative material, composed of open cell polymers that guarantee a high level of breathability avoiding humidity problems and ensuring a dry and healthy rest.

MyMemory is thermo-regulator: it self-models itself according to the temperature and for this reason it follows every curve of the body anatomically and ergonomically thanks to the heat it releases. This particular material guarantees an ideal temperature for the entire duration of sleep: it ensures a cool and dry rest in summer and warm in winter.
It is also able to naturally support the body during rest, evenly distributing the pressures exerted on the relaxed body, promoting the normal flow of blood circulation and decreasing the movements made during sleep to find the right position.

MyMemory is made in Italy with 100% Italian and completely natural materials that make it ecological, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

MyMemory is a material that avoids the proliferation of micro-organisms that can be harmful to our health. Over time, moreover, sleeping on a MyMemory mattress decreases the development of allergies. The level of breathability is high thanks to the open cells and therefore an environment hostile to the proliferation of mites and dust is created.

Initially, memory foam was made by NASA researchers to give maximum comfort to their astronauts and therefore used for the seats of the spacecraft; however today, given its merits, its use has been expanded to provide the same comfort in everyday life: it guarantees extraordinary support whatever the weight and position of the body, thanks to the ability to follow it in every movement.

15 reviews for Memory Foam Mymemory Mattress “Silk” 6cm with Silk and Bioceramics FIR

  1. Kimberly

    Very fast delivery, I must say 2 weeks that I use the mattress and it is in my opinion amazing, As material it looks good. EXCELLENT price quality

  2. Jade

    This mattress is fabulous. Corresponds to the description and has improved my rest! I am very happy with this product. I advise the company!

  3. Mark

    I bought this mattress last year and it is still very good compared to the others which cost more and get damaged quickly. Durable, quality and economical mattress, you have to try!

  4. Andrea

    Great buy! I recommend it, I am really satisfied with this memory foam mattress, it supports the body perfectly

  5. David

    Mattress Arrived very quickly, with perfect packaging and vacuum. Comfortable mattress, the value for money is more than satisfactory. I have also recommended it to friends and family

  6. Lauren

    A really comfortable mattress. It does not disappoint expectations, it reflects the description provided, also aesthetically beautiful and cared for, I am satisfied

  7. Victoria

    The mattress fits the description, it swelled perfectly on schedule and did not have any unpleasant odors. I like its texture and I slept well from the first night.

  8. Olivia

    Memory foam mattress Arrived in the right time, very valid product, I would say ok quality-price. Very kind and professional assistance in answering my doubts, thank you!

  9. Bradley

    I advise. Mattress arrived in a very short time, it is very comfortable, after a few nights you wake up rested without any more pain.

  10. Emily

    Fabulous mattress, came vacuum packed, very comfortable. Since we had it, both my husband and I have slept divinely and we no longer wake up at night. Congratulations also to the seriousness of the company, which is very punctual and competent.

  11. Michael

    Great nice mattress, it rests great and is fresh, once you get up it slowly returns to its original form. All perfect!

  12. Thomas

    The product reflects the description. Resistant and with certified quality materials. Fast delivery. I am more than satisfied. Highly recommended

  13. Lily

    After 15 years I decided to change the mattress .. I wanted to do it sooner! Perfect mattress, as per description, we did not detect any defects and no strong smell of aloe. I recommend the purchase

  14. George

    The mattress is comfortable and I would definitely recommend it. I have been using it for a month and I sleep well on it. Value for money is excellent.

  15. Anne

    Mattress purchased about a month ago, my husband and I sleep really well. I noticed the benefits from the very first night, really comfortable. I advise

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