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Memory Foam Pillow model Linz with merinos wool cover

Additional information


  • Linz pillow in memory with Merinos wool cover
  • Size 27.55×15.74 inches, height 4.72 inches
  • It takes shape on body heat and it keeps the shape during the time
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odorless
  • Merinos wool cover that allows many benefits
  • Antidote, pesticide, absorbs moisture, keeps the temperature regulated
  • Micromassage effect
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 2 years Warranty
Made in Italy
Made in Italy
garanzia 2 anni
garanzia 2 anni


The perfect match

The Memory foam pillow, mod.Linz with Merinos Wool Cover, is a product that suits the heat that develops our body to shape by following the lines of our head; it’s able to provide the best support. It manages to maintain its shape over time without changing it. The Merinos wool cover allows us to have further benefits for our rest. The Linz pillow with Merino wool is entirely produced in Italy.

Memory pillow and Merinos wool

The memory Linz with Merinos wool cover is 27.55×15.74 inches in size and 4.72 inches high; Its internal memory foam structure is highly crushproof, and allows it to adapt to the best shape for our head thanks to body heat. Merinos sheep wool, which is not woven, is a protection for our sleeping suit for all seasons.

It is well known that, due to the environmental conditions in which the sheep live in this breed, their veil has developed particular protective features against strong thermal hikes, humidity, wind and proliferation of parasites far superior to those of wool from other sheep. After long studies and experiments, it’s possible to make the best use of this wonderful wool today, useful in completing a serious and effective product for healthy rest.

It should be noted that merino wool is able to carry out all these actions:

Sponge effect

Because it is very hygroscopic, it absorbs immediately along its internal porous hairs, every little trace of moisture with which it contacts, bringing it outward, where it evaporates. Lanolin, of which it is very rich that is preserved in the process, guarantees against any possibility of stagnation of moisture.

Isothermal effect

This wool is not heat, it is insulating, it simply maintains the temperature of the bodies it is in contact with. Thus, if there is a temperature of 37 degrees on one side and the other on the other 50 or more, these remain unchanged (hence Deserters also wear wool coats even under the sun!). If we wrap a hot boiled egg in a merino wool fleece and put it in a freezer, it will remain warm for a long time, just as if we wrap a cube of ice and contact it with a heat source, it will not melt. This is possible thanks to its isothermal properties.

Antiparasitic effect

The structure and performance of the hairs prevent accumulation of their base, dust and dirt. In addition to the lack of heat and moisture inside the fleece, these characteristics prevent the formation of a suitable environment for the proliferation of parasites. Allowing the pillow to remain clean and healthy even after a long time.

Anti-caking effect

The lashing system, despite the compression exerted by the lying body, saves so many small air cavities that act as “dampers”, avoiding slowing or stopping blood circulation at the contact points. For this reason, being less subjected to discomfort and sense of malaise, we will turn less during sleep, we will not waste energy, and ours will be a restful rest.

Micromassage effect

The vane plant forms under our body so many small soft wool tips that, while we are in sleep, massage us with a similar effect to that of orthopedic footwear with inner soles with rubber protrusions. This effect is summed up, enhancing it to the previous one.

Lastly, the Linz pillow with merinos wool cover is entirely produced in Italy and bearing the “CE” marking; It’s produced with all the necessary tools to be considered at the highest levels of quality, everything from materials to production processes is cured in every detail.

Additional information

Pillow Dimensions

70 cm x 40 cm – Height ~12 cm




Memory Foam


2 years – see conditions of sale for more details


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