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Pillow in cervical memory mod. Lisbona with real aloe

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  • Cervical Memory Lisbon pillow with True Aloe
  • Size 27.55×15.74, max 3.93 inches height
  • Height waves 3.14 inches to 3.93 inches
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera Essence to offer all possible benefits to our rest
  • It takes shape on body heat and it keeps the shape during the time
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and perfumed
  • Designed and tested by the best specialists
  • It responds to the needs of those suffering from cervical vertebrae pain
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 2 years Warranty
Made in Italy
Made in Italy
garanzia 2 anni
garanzia 2 anni


Decrease cervical pain and resting on true aloe

The Lisbon pillow is made entirely of high-quality memory foam, it has a corrugated profile, in this way it can best accommodate and support the weight of the head of sufferers of annoying cervical area problems, in fact its particular profile was conceived in collaboration with the best scholars and specialists to provide the best support for all those people who need it, allowing a correct arrangement of the cervical vertebrae.

The lining is made of high quality cotton. All of these characteristics make the Lisbon model a top-notch product; let’s remember that like all of our products, the Lisbon cushions are absolutely made in Italy. In particular, this wave-shaped memory foam pillow is enriched with the essence of the true Aloe to give a deeper and healthier sleep to those people who need it, combining complete sensory comfort with the support. In this way the rest will be better, with a more active and energetic awakening, accompanied by the relaxing perfume of the true Aloe.


The cervical pillow that sustains and relaxes

The Lisbon pillow is built entirely in memory and retains its shape for a long time, the pillow doesn’t stiffen and it doesn’t lose volume, despite the repeated use. Due to its wavy contour the height is variable, between 3.74 inches and 4.52 inches, the size is 27.55×15.74 inches. The particular form is the result of the coordinated study of a number of specialists and makes it suitable to provide the right support for those people suffering from pain in the vertebrae and muscles of the cervical area, ensuring a rest with a correct and comfortable position.

The internal structure is breathable and combined with the cotton lining so that the humidity and temperature remain at optimal levels, eliminating all the factors that can aggravate or accentuate the neck vertebrae problems. Being made up of memory foam, it fits your head on the basis of heat, molding itself into the most suitable form to support  the weight, obtaining the best position for the neck vertebrae, avoiding the circulatory problems.

This pillow has an added value: it’s enriched with aloe vera essence, in this way we can fall asleep benefiting from the essence of this plant from the many positive sides, in this way the rest reaches a further level, coming to involve all the senses for a complete relaxation.

Additional information

Pillow Dimensions

70Ă—40, Height max 10 cm




Memory Foam


2 years – see conditions of sale for more details


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