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Selling conditions

In order to offer maximum transparency to the purchasers of each “” product, this chapter has been prepared to specify in detail each rule that regulates purchases on this site.


Part I: Service provider
Part II: Prices shown in the catalog
Part III: Terms and methods of delivery
Part IV: Indications for the moments following the sale
Part V: Right of withdrawal
Part VI: Disputes, returns and discounts

Article 1:
The following conditions of sale are considered accepted and capable of producing effects from the moment the contract is signed, i.e. from the moment the purchase is made.
The conditions of sale cannot be subject to negotiation, except in special cases which will be left to the retailer’s discretion.
In the case of a natural person, the service is aimed exclusively at individuals who have reached the age of majority.

Part I: Service provider

Article 2:
The company providing and managing the e-commerce service is Etracom S.r.l. the only official dealer recognized and authorized for the worldwide online sale of “MATERASSI E DOGHE” brand products.
The details of this company are as follows:
Etracom S.r.l.
Registered office: Via Rossaghe 45
25100 Lumezzane (BS)
Brescia Chamber of Commerce REA 512306.

Part II: Prices shown in the catalog


Article 3:
All prices shown on the “” site are VAT included at 22% according to the tax legislation in force in Italy.

Article 4:
The prices offered on the site are updated weekly and the reference currency is always the Euro.

Article 5:
All prices shown are discounted compared to the official Etracom price list. All offers or promotions on the site have been previously authorized by Etracom.
Etracom reserves the right to change prices without notice at any time except for transactions being processed.

Part III: Terms and methods of delivery

Article 6:
Delivery in the Italian territory, islands included, is indicated during the purchase phase, for more information you can contact us.
The delivery is made to the house number (not on the floor).

Article 7:
The fulfillment of the order depends on the availability of the products in stock, for products in stock the shipment is made to start only after the email confirming receipt of the payment.
For products not in stock, shipping times can be between 5 and 10 working days for mattresses, while they are around 20 working days for slatted bases, therefore if you have an urgency of the product and want to be sure that the chosen product is available from stock, be sure to promptly request, before confirming the order, this availability to our staff at n ° 030-829885.
In any case, delivery times depend on the efficiency of the courier we use to carry out the shipment, therefore the terms described above can vary, even considerably, dilating or shortening significantly. For custom or made-to-measure mattresses and slatted bases, shipping times are 15/20 working days, as there are no products in the catalog. In any case, for this type of product, the times indicated here are not mandatory.

Article 8:
The estimated average delivery time of the goods is 24/48 hours from the moment the shipment is made, the shipment is made by independent courier.
The delivery times indicated by the courier are entirely indicative and vary considerably also depending on the area of ​​reference, the distance of the nearest branch, any strikes and / or protests.
For uncomfortable places, difficult to reach or for reasons of force majeure, the times may vary by several days, compared to the times estimated in the previous article.
Couriers do not deliver on Saturday and Sunday.
For those who request delivery by appointment, the conditions of the courier used are valid, that is: at the time of assigning the goods, the sender must request the appointment service. In this way, the goods arriving at the destination branch of the courier remain stationary pending telephone agreements with the recipient for the delivery date and time slot, compatibly with the drivers’ working hours.

Article 9:
The day after receiving the notification of shipment, it will be possible to contact us to receive the tracking number with which to know where your journey is at by checking on the courier’s website. The methods and delivery times depend on the courier used by the retailer, therefore, once the tracking number has been obtained, it is possible for the buyer to independently trace the position of his order, using the courier’s website.

Article 10:
(having regard to art. 6) The courier will deliver the goods to the indicated number at street level and will in no case be authorized (or required) to deliver at home.
If no telephone notice is requested, the courier will deliver at his discretion when it is most convenient for his daily distribution route.
In no case is the courier authorized to unpack or assemble the products purchased by the customer.

Article 11:
If the courier does not find anyone to deliver to, cannot contact the telephone numbers that have been provided by the customer or if, following the notice of passage, issued by the courier, the customer does not contact him, the goods will be put in storage. in the courier’s warehouses.
If you notice that the goods are not delivered to you within a reasonable period of time, of the order of 20 days from the date of shipment, contact us on 030-829852 for information.

Article 12:
The customer is in no case required to accept goods that are delivered with one of the following characteristics:
1. Request for money from staff for services already paid on the site; “”;
2. Products bearing labels addressed to different recipients;
3. If the wrapping or packaging of the goods is not in optimal conditions;
4. Request for help with porterage as consenting to help the staff implies the tacit renunciation of any civil or criminal action in the event of an accident;
5. Delivery of parcel in a non-optimal state, subject to inspection;
6. In any other case of anomaly.

In all the aforementioned cases, we recommend refusing the goods or accepting them only after requesting explanations from Etracom S.r.l., which will take care to resolve the problem quickly and cordially.

Article 13:
(having regard to art.12) Our products are shipped with a special packaging, the mattresses are shipped vacuum-packed; if they are received torn or broken, please reject the package.
Pocket spring mattresses with a length of 190 cm or more, can be delivered in a simple non-vacuum packaging, for safety reasons.
Acceptance of damaged goods relieves the seller of any liability.
In particular, the mattresses must be delivered, and accepted, rolled up and vacuum-packed, so that the hygienic and qualitative state of the mattress during transport is guaranteed.
In the case of purchasing multiple products, it is possible that these start from different production branches and therefore delivery times may be deferred.

Part IV: Indications for the moments following the sale

Article 14:
The mattress must be removed from the vacuum packaging as soon as possible, however no later than 10 days from receipt. It is recommended not to use sharp and / or pointed objects, such as scissors, cutters and knives, to remove the cellophane packaging. For the opening it is necessary the maximum attention, in order not to damage the mattress.

Article 15:
The invoice must be requested at the time of purchase. In order to take advantage of the tax deduction, it is absolutely necessary to request the contextual invoice, otherwise it will no longer be possible to request it.
For the issuance request, send an email to: [email protected] inserting the subject “invoice request”.
In this email it is necessary to report:
1. Name and surname, full address and tax code (the tax code must be corrected by carefully checking all the necessary data, including a possible middle name);
2. Order number;
3. Amount paid and method of payment used.

The invoice will then be sent in .PDF format to the email address used for the request (replaces the sending of the paper invoice by post).

If no contextual invoice is requested, the payment will be recorded as a daily fee.

Article 16:
The legal guarantee provided for by current legislation (Articles: 128 and subsequent, Consumer Code), is not limited and / or modified by the conventional guarantee offered by “Materassiedoghe”. The “Materassiedoghe” guarantee is valid for 20 years, in accordance with European legislation, starting from the date of delivery of the product.
The conventional warranty can be activated at the web address below:
The supporting structure of the mattress, the fabrics, the padding, and the seams are covered by this guarantee, if the relative defects affect the functionality of the mattress.
Cases in which the mattress is not in perfect hygienic conditions or if the defects are attributable to improper use, incorrect use or incorrect maintenance of the mattress are expressly excluded from the coverage of this guarantee.
Any dip over time on the mattress surface of less than 20 mm is due to the normal settling of the structure and the padding and does not constitute a defect.
A tolerance of ± 3% on the measurements, due to the assembly of elastic components, is to be considered normal and does not constitute a defect.
The guarantee provided includes the free repair or replacement of the defective part or component or, only where this is impossible, the replacement of the product.
In cases covered by the guarantee, the customer must send a detailed description of the defect found with indication and size of the mattress.
The mattress under warranty must be sent at its own expense properly packed to avoid further damage which will not be answered.
Following inspection of the mattress, if the presence of a defect covered by the guarantee is confirmed, the mattress will be repaired or replaced and shipped at our expense.
If the defect or defect is not covered by the guarantee, the cost of the replacement made and the cost of transport for the return of the mattress will be charged.

Article 17:
Memory foam is present on only one side of our products, identifiable with the reading side of the perimeter labels of a mattress.
Between the bed base and the mattress it is advisable to place a mattress protector / bed cover.
In the removable mattresses, it is possible to machine wash the cover at 50/60 ° with the program dedicated to delicate items.
Do not tumble dry the mattress cover.
It is absolutely not recommended to use aspirators on the cover.
Do not wet the inner plate.
Do not expose the inner plate to the sun.
The mattress should preferably be placed on a well-made slatted base. Wooden slats must be thin and preferably cushioned, not curved, damaged and / or ruined, without any sign of subsidence, depression and / or irregularities. In any case, the use of the mattress on a bed-container is not recommended.
The double mattress must be placed on a bed surface with a double slatted base and central support. The central support must be flush with the wooden slats, so that the mattress rests correctly on the slats, not on the central support. Avoid beds with a raised central frame, to avoid bending and sinking of the mattress.
Recommended with single stave double slats, which has two central longitudinal support bars, lower than the slats, since the mattress must rest on the slats.

Girare il materasso testa/piedi ogni 3 mesi circa in modo tale da consumare ugualmente tutta la superficie del materasso.
Utilizzare il materasso in un ambiente non umido e su reti a doghe che siano in condizioni igieniche ottimali. La durata del materasso dipende parecchio anche dall’ambiente in cui è inserito.
Si consiglia di sollevare settimanalmente il materasso dalla rete al fine di evitare il ristagno di umidità che potrebbe causare il formarsi di muffe.
Per i materassi in memory foam è assolutamente sconsigliato l’utilizzo di qualsiasi tipo di coprimaterasso.
Per quanto riguarda le lastre dei guanciali (memory o lattice) non è consentito alcun tipo di lavaggio se non espressamente indicato nella scheda prodotto. Per il lavaggio della fodera seguire le indicazioni riportate sull’etichetta cucita alla fodera.

Turn the head / foot mattress every 3 months so as to consume the entire surface of the mattress equally.
Use the mattress in a dry environment and on slatted bases that are in optimal hygienic conditions. The duration of the mattress also depends a lot on the environment in which it is inserted.
It is advisable to lift the mattress weekly from the bed base in order to avoid the stagnation of humidity which could cause the formation of mold.
For memory foam mattresses the use of any type of mattress cover is absolutely not recommended.
As regards the slabs of the pillows (memory or latex), no type of washing is allowed unless expressly indicated in the product sheet. To wash the cover, follow the instructions on the label sewn to the cover.

Part V: Right of withdrawal

Article 18:
Each customer can, following a purchase, exercise the right of withdrawal in the manner and within the timeframe provided by the reference legislation Legislative Decree n.21 / 2014.

Article 19:
The methods and times with which the Consumer must express his intention to withdraw from the purchase are indicated below:
1. The communication must be sent by registered letter with return receipt. at
Etracom S.R.L.
via Rossaghe 45 / f
25065 Lumezzane (BS)
2. The term must not exceed fourteen days from the receipt of the goods.
3. This communication can also be anticipated by e-mail, by writing to [email protected] or by fax to the number 030/8921780, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt. within 48 hours and must clearly indicate:
1. Written and signed declaration in which you declare that you want to take advantage of the right of withdrawal;
2. The title of the product or products to be returned;
3. The bank details on which to obtain the refund by bank transfer (IBAN-SWIFT code);
4. Pay pal address if payment has been made with this method;
5. The e-mail address or fax number that we will have to use to communicate the status of the return.
The anticipation of the communication of the will to withdraw, does not constitute an expression of the same and must in any case be made strictly in the manner and terms set out above

Article 20:
The methods and times necessary for the return of the product following the exercise of the right of withdrawal are as follows, according to article 57, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree 21/2014:
The consumer returns the goods or delivers them to the professional or to a third party authorized by the professional to receive the goods, without undue delay and in any case within fourteen days from the date on which he communicated to the professional his decision to withdraw from the contract.
The deadline is met if the consumer returns the goods before the expiry of the fourteen-day period.
The consumer bears only the direct cost of returning the goods.
The goods subject to the return must be kept in the original packaging and must be received intact.
The return address will be communicated to the consumer via email.
Under no circumstances will cash on delivery, freight collect parcels be shipped, nor sent by priority mail or ordinary parcel.

Article 21:
The methods and times for the reimbursement of the sums paid following the exercise of the right of withdrawal are as follows, according to article 56, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree 21/2014:
The professional reimburses all payments received by the consumer, possibly including delivery costs, without undue delay and in any case within fourteen days from the day on which he is informed of the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract.
The trader performs the refund referred to in the first period using the same means of payment used by the consumer for the initial transaction, unless the consumer has expressly agreed otherwise and on condition that he does not have to bear any cost as a consequence of the refund. “Materassiedoghe” undertakes to reimburse customers once confirmation of the intention to withdraw has been received by registered letter with return receipt. by bank transfer, the customer therefore undertakes to communicate his IBAN.
The times for the reimbursement may vary due to administrative needs, in extraordinary cases it may even take thirty days to make a reimbursement.

Article 22:
The exceptions to the right of withdrawal, according to the provisions of article 59, paragraph 1, paragraphs “a” and “e”, Legislative Decree n.21 / 2014, are the following:
par. a) The right of withdrawal for distance contracts and contracts negotiated outside business premises is excluded in relation to the supply of tailor-made or clearly personalized goods;
par. e) The right of withdrawal for distance contracts and contracts negotiated outside commercial premises is excluded in relation to the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection reasons and have been opened after delivery.
Pursuant to the aforementioned article 59, Legislative Decree n.21 / 2014 for the mattresses and pillows that have been opened and used, the right of withdrawal cannot be asserted. While for products made to measure and / or customized, the right of withdrawal is excluded even if they are kept in the original packaging.

Article 23:
Given the previous articles, in the case of damaged products and / or packs that are not intact as at the time of sale, the refund will be made partially by communicating the amount in advance to the consumer.
The reimbursement will therefore subtract the costs necessary for the redevelopment of the product, in case it is possible to redevelop it, and the shipping costs.
If it is not possible to requalify the product, due to the conditions due to wear, damage or any other defect, no refund will be made.

Part VI: Disputes, returns and discounts

Article 24:

The following articles are applicable only if the above conditions are respected. For any problem related to damage, returns, technical problems, the staff of “Materassiedoghe” is at your complete disposal to help you solve any problems and guide you in the return procedure. goods in case of products to be replaced; however, it is necessary to write to the e-mail address [email protected]

Article 25:
The customer who believes that he has received a product that does not comply with the technical specifications on the site and wants to return the product, is required to communicate this will within a deadline not exceeding 10 working days from receipt of the goods.
The communication must be sent by email to the following address: [email protected], indicating in the subject of the email “Product return”.
This communication can also be sent by fax to the number 030/8921780 and must:
1. Order number shown on the invoice issued by Etracom S.r.l. and sent together with the products purchased;
2. The title of the product or products to be replaced;
3. Detailed description of the problem encountered and / or non-conformities detected, if in possession of photographic documentation, attach to the communication;
4. The e-mail address or fax number that Etracom S.r.l. must use to communicate the status of the complaint.

Complimentary products are shipped according to stock availability. The free products are supplied in accordance with customer needs and stock availability and may differ from the illustrative images. The complimentary products comply with what is advertised and provided free of charge. In the case of a return, the return costs will normally be quantified.

Article 26:
The goods subject to the complaint must be kept in the original packaging and must be sent back to the address that will be communicated to you in response to your complaint email.
Once we receive the product deemed non-compliant, our expert will evaluate the truth of the complaint:
1. in case of confirmation of non-compliance, the product will be replaced or repaired and sent back to the sender within and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt at no charge;
2. if the product regularly complies with the technical specifications, it will be sent back to the sender within and no later than 30 working days, on condition that the payment has been received for the return by the sender.

Article 27:
With regard to the use of discount coupons: in no case can they be used on already discounted products.
“Materassiedoghe” reserves the right to cancel any orders in which the use of coupons related to products on offer will be found.

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