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Materassi&Doghe is a trademark by Etracom, a company that since many years is investing in research to develop technologies and find solutions that help improving our lives. thanks to over 30 years of experience, we have become one of the major realities of online sales with over hundreds of thousands of mattresses sold. In addition, the important collaborations established with some of the most advanced university, medical laboratories, and studies have allowed us to remain at the top of the market and, above all, to maintain the highest quality standards.

In the meantime, we have chosen to promote and enhance the value of Made in Italy, maintaining our facilities and our production in Italy, selecting and buying Italian ingredients, thereby controlling every step of production to guarantee excellence.
The technologies that aim to improve the rest are still at the center of our attention. The research and development of new models that “letour customer sleep well” are still our priority. For this we always take care to the news, both in terms of innovation and the environment: just to make an example, since many years ado we are combining products for protection from electromagnetic fields with the best mattress models.

To date Materassi&Doghe improves thr rest of thousands of new customers every year. It is also the brand by which some of the best mattresses, slats, pillows and accessories are sold in Europe. It is reliability, quality and wellness.


Materassiedoghe by Etracom srl
Rossaghe Via, 45, 25065 Lumezzane BS, Italy
Tel. +39 0365 1870030




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Commercial dept. Responsible

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Book-keeping dept. Responsible

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Book-keeping dept.

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Sales assistant

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IT Area Responsible

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Editorial Area

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SEO & SME Consultant

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Export Area Responsible
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