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Basic Mattresses

    • Height23cm
    • Firmness8
    Single starting from:
    Pricelist 430.00
    Discounted price: 129,99
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    • Height26,5
    • Firmness8
    Single starting from:
    Pricelist 993.00
    Discounted price: 189,00
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Mattresses with best quality-price ratio

The best mattresses for your rest

Memory foam and latex Pillows









*20 Years Warranty is available only for mattresses. Bed bases and Pillows have 2 years warranty


The goal of “Materassiedoghe” is summarized in its slogan: “A healthy rest for a better life”, this because sleep is one of the fundamental needs of our body, without which none of us can live. So if you sleep better, you can live better. For this reason, you must pay attention to the choice of the mattresses you buy, so that they meet all our needs and requirements, maybe asking for an advice to an expert.


Once the wool mattresses were considered the best for the rest. Today, the best material for the inner side of a mattress is memory foam. So, as we are speaking of healty rest, it’s inevitable to talk about the memory mattress, although what people really know about memory foam is really little. Memory foam is the term to indicate the “low-resilience polyurethane foam”. This particular foam has been patented by NASA to produce the padding of shuttle seats and space suits. It is a synthetic molecule that combines elasticity with the ability to adapt to body heat. It spread on the market in 1980’s and it has become the best material for the production of mattress. In fact, a memory foam mattress, supports the weight of our body and is shaped by body heat. Thanks to this feature, the mattress in memory is absolutely ergonomic; thus it avoids the creation of pressure zones, prevents annoying pains on the neck, shoulders and hips. And it generally improves the quality of your rest. Another important info is that there is no memory foam mattress that is entirely composed of memory foam. For this reason, all memory mattresses consist of at least two different layers: the upper layer in memory and the lower layer, usually in water-foam polyurethane. This approach has been adopted because while memory foam tends to shape on our body, polyurethane foam safely supports our weight..

There are many types of memory foam mattresses on the market. “Materassiedoghe” undertakes to market mainly Made in Italy mattresses, made using high-quality materials. The patented Memory Memory Foam brand “MyMemory” includes various types of polyurethane foams, all of which share the open cellular structure. This allows the mattress in memory to be highly breathable, always keeping the microclimate ideal for our rest, without experiencing excessive heat during the night. In addition to the memory mattresses with open cellular structure, “Materassiedoghe” also sells thermal memory foam mattresses thanks to “I-FO @ M THERMO” which, thanks to an internal microcapsule structure, will allow the mattress to be cool, summer and winter warmth and mattresses made in memory “Waterlily”, which improves all the typical features of classic memory foam, such as elasticity, durability and comfort. All the polyurethane foams used in our mattresses are absolutely environmentally friendly and completely devoid of harmful substances.

A mattress in memory is not only made of the inner side, but also of padding and cover. For each matress only high quality fabrics are used, with a wide choice of available linings: all are hypoallergenic and highly breathable to ensure the best level of hygiene for rest. “Materassiedoghe” also introduced on the trade a special type of cover that incorporates the fabric of metallic fibers or essential oils, which are able to give many benefits before falling asleep and during the rest. Among the exclusive “Materassiedoghe” covers we mention the use of carbon fiber, to reduce the electrostatic charge accumulated during the da, and the copper fiber, which is able to decrease the nervous tension. You can request your mattress with one of these special coatings, but you can also choose between other fabrics, such as true aloe or chamomile tissue, which combine rest, exploiting olfactory perception.

All Mattress Mattresses can be custom made, just write an e-mail at our address [email protected] indicating the mattress model you have chosen and the sizes you want. We are producer, therefore it is very easy for us to realize a custom mattress and for this reason every kind of request can be met. Moreover Materassiedoghe can also create mattresses for caravans and boats. Also the density of memory foam mattresses can be customized to suit your particular requirements. Making the customer’s rest better is the main goal. That is why in 2017 we launched the fully customizable “Memolo”, one of the most innovative products in its category.

Our bed is not only composed of mattress, but also pillows. On our website you will find pillows, all Made in Italy in memory foam or latex. The wide choice of pillows available on our site will allow you to find the most suitable product for you, choosing from the classic pillow in memory, to specific cushions for sufferers of cervical and pillows enriched with essential oils. Pillows, as well as mattresses, are made of environmentally friendly materials, but above all hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The perfect mattress does not exist, however by contacting the assistants at the choice of Materassiedoghe you will be followed by choosing between the tens of mattresses available and that best suits your needs. In addition, you can do a quick online test to find out which mattress is best for you. The sale of mattresses in memory foam online allows you to have really competitive prices for high quality products. “Materassiedoghe” has for this reason adopted as the leading sales channel for online sales for more than 15 years, thus the reduced management costs allow for a product price, for the customer, as factory price.

After purchasing the mattress in memory foam, latex or spring, you will receive an email confirming the shipment of the product you purchased, usually within 5 to 10 days, once it’s received it will take 3 to 7 working days for delivery of the mattress at home. he mattress is delivered rolled and vacuum packed. In this way the volume is contained, so it can easily be carried by a single person. This choice, besides being incredibly practical, also has the advantage of facilitating transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions, thus respecting the choices of environmental “Matters”. Once delivered, the mattress should be removed carefully from the packaging, preferably without using sharp objects such as scissors, cutters or knives; then lie down and left in that position for a few hours. In this way the mattress will resume its original shape and thickness. It is advisable to leave it as long as it may be necessary to buy thickness.

All mattresses with “Materassiedoghe” brand are guaranteed for 20 years. This guarantee covers defects and imperfections due to the production, just to make the customer’s rest assurance absolutely safe and enjoyable, even after sale. The warranty for each product purchased must be activated in the appropriate section of the site. Even pillows have the same warranty, which lasts 2 years. Choosing a product of Materassiedoghe means choosing an absolutely Italian, quality, environmentally friendly and beneficial product, each article is made for those who want to have a better life through a healthy lifestyle.

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