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 * The 20-year guarantee only applies to mattresses. Pillows are guaranteed for 2 years


In the past, wool mattresses were considered the best for the rest. The best material for the interior of a mattress today is memory foam. So, since this is healthy rest, talking about the memory foam mattress is inevitable, although what people really know about memory foam is very little. Memory foam is the term for “polyurethane foam with low elasticity”. This special foam was patented by NASA to make upholstery for shuttle seats and spacesuits. It is a synthetic molecule that combines elasticity and the ability to adapt to body heat. It spread to the market in the 1980s and became the best material for making mattresses. In fact, a memory foam mattress carries the weight of our body and is shaped by body heat. Thanks to this function, the memory mattress is absolutely ergonomic. This avoids the formation of pressure zones and annoying pain in the neck, shoulders and hips. And it usually improves the quality of your rest. Another important piece of information is that there is no such thing as a memory foam mattress made entirely of memory foam. For this reason, all storage mattresses consist of at least two different layers: the upper storage layer and the lower layer, usually made of expanded polyurethane. This approach was chosen because polyurethane foam securely supports our weight while memory foam forms on our body.

There are many types of memory foam mattresses on the market. “Materassiedoghe” is dedicated to the marketing of mattresses made mainly in Italy and made of high quality materials. The patented brand of memory foam “MyMemory” comprises different types of polyurethane foams, all of which share the open-cell structure. As a result, the memory mattress is highly breathable and always maintains the ideal microclimate for our rest, without excessive heat at night. In addition to open-cell memory foam mattresses, “Materassiedoghe” also sells thermal memory foam mattresses thanks to “I-FO @ M THERMO”, which thanks to an internal microcapsule structure enable a cool, warm summer and winter mattress and “Waterlily” memory mattresses, which improves all the typical properties of classic memory foam such as elasticity, durability and comfort. All polyurethane foams used in our mattresses are absolutely ecological and completely free of harmful substances.

A memory mattress consists not only of the inside, but also of the padding and the cover. Only high-quality fabrics are used for each mattress, with a large selection of linings available: all are hypoallergenic and highly breathable to ensure the highest level of hygiene for rest. “Materassiedoghe” also introduced a special type of blanket on the market, which contains the fabric made of metal fibers or essential oils, which can offer many advantages before going to sleep and during the rest. Among the exclusive “Materassiedoghe” covers, we mention the use of carbon fiber to reduce the electrostatic charge accumulated during the day and copper fiber, which is able to relieve nervous tension. You can request your mattress with one of these special covers, but you can also choose between other fabrics such as real aloe or chamomile fabric that combine tranquility and take advantage of olfactory perception.

All mattresses can be made to measure. All you have to do is write an email to our address [email protected] and specify the mattress model you have chosen and the sizes you want. We are manufacturer so it is very easy for us to make a bespoke mattress and for this reason any kind of request can be met. In addition, Materassiedoghe can also manufacture mattresses for caravans and boats. The density of the memory foam mattresses can also be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Improving the customer’s peace of mind is the main goal. That’s why we launched the fully customizable “Memolo” in 2017, one of the most innovative products in its category.

Our bed consists not only of mattresses, but also of pillows. On our website you can find pillows, all made in Italy in memory foam or latex. The wide range of pillows on our website allows you to find the most suitable product for you. Choose from the classic memory pillow, special pillows for people with neck pain and pillows enriched with essential oils. Both the pillows and the mattresses are made of environmentally friendly materials, but above all hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Buy the perfect mattress online There is no such thing as a perfect mattress. However, when you turn to the assistants at Materassiedoghe, you can choose from the dozen available mattresses that best suit your needs. You can also do a quick test online to find out which mattress is right for you. Selling memory foam mattresses online means you can get really competitive prices on high quality products. “Materassiedoghe” has therefore been the main distribution channel for online sales for over 15 years. Due to the reduced administration costs, the product can be valued as a factory price for the customer.

After purchasing the memory foam, latex or innerspring mattress, you will receive an email confirming that the product you have purchased has been shipped. It usually takes 3 to 7 working days for the mattress to be delivered to your home. The mattress is delivered rolled up and vacuum packed. In this way, the volume is contained so that it can easily be carried by one person. Not only is this choice incredibly practical, but it also has the benefits of making transportation easier, reducing CO2 emissions and taking into account the choice of environmental issues. After delivery, the mattress should be carefully removed from the packaging, preferably without sharp objects such as scissors, knives or knives. Then lie down and leave it in this position for a few hours. In this way the mattress returns to its original shape and thickness. It is advisable to leave it for as long as it may be necessary to purchase a thickness one.

All “Materassiedoghe” brand mattresses are guaranteed for 20 years. This guarantee covers manufacturing defects and defects in order to keep the customer’s safety absolutely safe and pleasant even after the sale. The guarantee for each product purchased must be activated in the relevant section of the website. Even the pillows have the same warranty, which lasts for 2 years. Choosing a Materassiedoghe product means choosing an absolutely Italian product that is high quality, environmentally friendly and beneficial. Each article is intended for those who want to live a better life thanks to a healthy lifestyle.

Mattresses and bed frames 100% Made in Italy

The aim of “Materassiedoghe” is summed up in its slogan: “Healthy rest for a better life”, because sleep is one of the basic needs of our body, without which none of us can live. So if you sleep better, you can live better. For this reason you should pay attention to the choice of the mattresses you buy, to meet all of our needs and requirements.

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